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Template: Working Backwards PR FAQ

Press Release Components

Heading: Name the product in a way the reader (i.e. your target customers) will understand. One sentence under the title. 

Subheading: Describe the customer for the product and what benefits they will gain from using it. One sentence only underneath the Heading.

Summary Paragraph: Start with the city, media outlet, and your proposed launch date. Give a summary of the product and the benefit.


Problem Paragraph: This is where you describe the problem that your product is designed to solve. Make sure that you write this paragraph from the customer’s point of view. 

Solution Paragraph(s): Describe your product in some detail and how it simply and easily solves the customer’s problem. For more complex products, you may need more than one paragraph.

Quotes & Getting Started: Add one quote from you or your company's spokesperson and a second quote from a hypothetical customer in which they describe the benefit they are getting from using your new product. Describe how easy it is to get started, and provide a link to your website where customers can get more information and get started.

Sample FAQs

External FAQs

Q: What is the price?

Q: How do I get it?

Q: How does it work? (You are likely to have multiple versions of this question that cover different aspects of the customer experience.)

Internal FAQs

Q: How large is the estimated consumer demand for Melinda?  What is the TAM (total addressable market? 

>>The component parts to answering this include:

Q: What happens if a customer encounters x? How does the product deal with use case x? (there are likely to be several such questions).

Q: What are the challenging product engineering problems we will need to solve?

Q: What are the challenging customer UI problems we will need to solve?

Q: How will we manage the risk of the upfront investment required?

Q: Do we have any third-party dependencies to build this product?  If so, what are they and why will they be willing to partner with us (what is in it for them)?

Q: What third-party technologies are we dependent on to function properly for x to work as promised?

Q: Are there any potential regulatory or legal issues to consider?

Q: What are the per-unit economics of the product? That is, what is our expected Gross Profit and Contribution profit per unit?

Q: What is the rationale for the price point you have chosen for the product?

Q: How much will we have to invest up front to build this product in terms of people, technology, inventory, warehouse space, etc.? 

Q: What/who are the current competitors for this product?

Working Backward
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